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Everything you need to know about using & maintaining your electric blanket

The Dreamland Service Centre site aims to give advice about the use of your electric blankets and what to do should you encounter a problem.

If you have any enquiry's regarding service or repair, please email us on service@dreamlandelectricblankets.co.uk or telephone on 01606 837751.


Types of Electric Blankets

Under Blankets and Mattress Covers

These types of electric blankets can be used to pre heat the bed, then turned down to a lower setting for all night use just before getting into bed. The standard underblanket will take up to 90 mins to warm up, when set to the Pre Heat setting, and depending on the amount of covering may be a little longer especially on really cold nights. It fits on top of the mattress with your bottom sheet on top of the electric blanket, and then your usual bedding on top. It is secured to the bed by either tie tapes or in the case of the mattress cover by a fitted skirt, this goes around the mattress like a fitted sheet. The Ready for Bed range are a quick heating underblankets and the bed will be warm after only 10 mins, then it must be turned down before getting into bed to a lower all night setting. See separate Ready for Bed heading.

Over Blankets and Duvets

The overblanket goes on top of you with a sheet between you and the overblanket, it can be fitted into a Duvet cover or you can place a Duvet or blankets on top the overblanket. It can be used to Pre Heat the bed before getting in, then turned down to a lower number, so that you have a gentle all night heat. The Duvet which has the heating wires enclosed inside, is used in the same way as the overblanket. All overblankets and Duvets use Ready For Bed or Itelliheat technology to warm the bed. See separate Ready for Bed / Intelliheat heading. All electric Blankets can be machine washed see separate heading for washing details. Electric Blankets are economical to run, operating at low power. With this in mind, before use they should be fitted to the bed and covered as described above, otherwise they appear not to heat or achieve their correct temperature.

Electric Throws

These are designed to be used whilst sat in a chair or sofa and come in various sizes, larger ones can also be used like an overblanket, on top of the bed. They are econimical to run and are excellent in rooms where there is very little or no heating.


Buy Online

Replacement electric blanket controllers available to buy online.

We can take payment with debit or credit card at Checkout or with Paypal .

Please allow upto 7 days for delivery.

Due to the current Covid situation delivery may take a little longer as in some areas Royal Mail  deliveries may be delayed due to staff shortages.

We show nine types of control, please scroll across to see all.


Email us

We are now accepting blankets for regular servicing, if you require more details please let us have the type of blanket you have, which is shown on the label attached to the blanket or you can return it to us, once we have inspected the blanket we will then contact you and let you know the condition of the blanket and the cost of servicing including the return postage.

The address to send the blanket is

Unit 7, Holly House Estate,

Middlewich Road


CW10 9LT

If sending by Royal Mail

P.O.Box 166


CW10 0ZU

Please, we cannot accept any personal callers at the Service Centre or our address in Middlewich.

Please send us an email or call us.

email : service@dreamlandelectricblankets.co.uk

The Service Centre direct line is available Mon - Fri  10.00am - 4.30pm

tel: 01606 837751



The Info You’re After

Q. My electric blanket is not working.
A. If the light behind the number is not coming on, first check the fuse.
Please note; if the light is operating then there will be a fault in either the blanket or control, there is no need to check the plugs fuse.

If your blanket is dual control and only one half is not working you can determine if it is the control or blanket that is faulty by simply taking the switch from the side that is not working and plugging it into the side you know is working.

If the control also does not work in the working side, it’s the control that is faulty.

Q. Can I buy a new control.

A. Please go to Buy Control section you will need the model number from the back of the control.

Q. The electric blanket is taking too long to pre heat or does not get very hot.
A. No electric blanket should get very hot as this would be dangerous; The instruction supplied with the blanket will give you a guide, however the speed at which the blanket heats up and the top temperature it achieves will depend on the ambient room temperature and the amount of covering placed on top of the blanket, Intelliheat and Ready for Bed blankets will warm the bed in five to ten minutes.
British and European standards for electric blankets, do not allow modern day blankets to achieve the same temperatures that were reached by older blankets.
It will not heat up if no covering is placed on top of it.

Q. The time out indicator light on my Intelliheat (Blue Light) Ready for Bed (Red Light) blanket is flashing as soon as I switch the blanket on.
Switch type H56A1, H56A2, H56A3, R15B2, R15B3 ( type number can be found on markings at the back of the switch).


The Red Ready for Bed icon remains on when the centre button is depressed on my N39A2 Control. ( type number can be found on markings at the back of the switch).

A.This is indicating that a fault has occurred in either the control unit or the blanket.
If your blanket is dual control and only one half is not working you can determine if it is the control or blanket that is faulty by simply taking the switch from the side that is not working and plugging it into the side you know is working. If the control also does not work in the working side, it’s the control that is faulty.

All Dreamland Intelliheat/Ready for Bed blankets are protected from overheating by Sleep Guardian Technology which will shut off the blanket before it becomes unsafe to use. The most common reasons for the overheat sensor activating is when the blanket is operated at a pre heat setting, whilst the user is in bed, or in the case of Ready for bed blankets, if the blanket is left on pre heat for longer than the 30mins recommended in the instructions, this causes localised overheating causing damage to the blankets overheat system*, the advance technology of the control unit will pick up any fault within the blanket and shut down and eventually fail altogether, the time out indicator will then start to flash.

H56A1/2  R15B3 / 3 *The Temperature Selector must always be turned down to 1 -5 before getting into bed and the time out switch to 1hour or 9hours.
After the period set of 1 hour or 9 hours the control will go to a blue light this will be shown by a continuous or flashing blue light. Please do not mistake the flashing blue light with the fault as shown above.

Q. The control unit appears to be working correctly, but the blanket is not heating up.
 Switch type H56A1, H56A2, H56A3,. (can be found on markings at the back of the switch).
A. This indicates that the switch is faulty, if under warranty see returns procedure if not please refer to Control Units section

Q. My blanket is under warranty and on checking your Q & A guide I have determined that the control is faulty, do I also need to return the blanket.
A. If you are certain that it is only the control that is faulty,( you can determine on a dual controlled blanket if it is the control or blanket which is at fault, by swopping over the controls from one side to the other, if the fault moves from one side to the other, the control unit is at fault). you can return just the control enclosing a letter with your name and address, plus a copy of your receipt or other valid proof of purchase.
Should the blanket be faulty, you will need to return both the blanket and control.

Q. I have determined that it is my blanket, which is under guarantee, is faulty.
A. You will need to return the blanket and controls with a copy of your receipt and return address, to the service centre, address given in contact us section.

Q. My electric blanket was given as a present, it is within the guarantee period and I have not got the receipt.
Q. I believe my electric blanket is within its guarantee period, but I have misplaced the receipt.
A. You will need to return the blanket and/or control to us stating when you think it was bought/ given, once our engineers have inspected the blanket we may the do the work as a gesture of goodwill. We will only do this once we have inspected the blanket.

Q. My electric blanket has a control type, EC10,20,30,40,50,60,70. CT100/110. C90. 972A1, 973A1, 881A1, 881A2. are they still available.
A. As Dreamland are continually improving their safety technology in order to conform with latest standards, we are afraid that the above controls are no longer in production and are now unavailable. As spares are no longer available they cannot be repaired.
None of our current controls are compatible with any of the above.

Q. Our electric blanket which is out of guarantee has now gone faulty what should I do and how much will it cost to service or repair.
A. It will all depend on how old the blanket is and the condition of it. If the blanket was one of the budget range, a single bed under blanket or over seven years old, it may be better to think about replacing. If you decide to return a blanket we will firstly inspect it for future safe use and send a report to you with the cost of servicing and any replacement parts. If you know it’s the blanket itself that is faulty, do not return, as the blanket only cannot be repaired. We try to keep costs down, however we have fixed cost for postage / carriage and handling, the service charge for blankets with one control is approx £ 15.00, for blankets with two controls approx £ 18.50 , we will advise you of extra costs before carrying out any work, we do not charge for this initial inspection. . If you want to return your blanket for service or repair, please enclose a letter with your name and address, telephone number, email address, once we have inspected the blanket we will contact you. It is very difficult to say if a blanket is worth servicing or need servicing without seeing the blanket. 

Q. How long will it take to service or repair my blanket.
A. This is dependent on the time of year, being a seasonal item September through to February are our peak times, we do though try to return within an average of  7 to 14 days. We recommend that if you want a blanket servicing that you return during May to September.

Q. Do you service other makes of blankets.
A. I am sorry we do not service any other makes.

Q. How do I pack the blanket and what do I need to return with it.
A. It is o.k. to fold the blanket for means of return, then place into a strong plastic bag or two bin liners complete with the controls, please do not remove the plugs, include a letter with your name and address, if the blanket is under warranty you will need to also include a valid proof of purchase or a copy of. To assist in recoding receipt please put your name and postcode on the outside of the parcel. Please do not return any packing you require, as we may not return.

Q. Is there a service centre near to me.
A. As testing electric blankets tends to be a specialised procedure unfortunately the only service centre is in Cheshire. Trading Standards and Fire Services in parts of the U.K sometimes carry out safety checks and it may be worth checking with them.

Q. Can my blanket be cleaned.
A. Electric blankets with detachable leads can be laundered, but not dry cleaned. (Please see Laundry instruction heading).

Q. How much will it cost to use my blanket.
A. Electric blankets use very little energy compared with heating a bedroom, a single blanket will cost around 2 pence per night to run, a double proportionally more, which makes electric blankets very cheap to run.

Q. Can I use my blanket which uses the  R15B2 / R15B3 control via a Smart Plug or Timer.

The control will work with a Smart Plug or Timer providing the customer wants to use the same settings as the last time it was used.

The procedure for this is would be to set the “ON” period on their device for five minutes less than the 1, 3 or 9 hour period required i.e. if the user wants the blanket “ON” for 3 hours at the number 3 heat setting, they would set the control heat level to number 3 and the time period for 3 hours on the control, but they must set the Smart Plug or Timer to be “ON” for only 2hr 55 minutes. The reason why this works is that when the power from the socket is removed and then reintroduced again the time previously set starts from zero and the heat setting stays the same.

Two points, whenever any time setting is altered or any Power supply is lost the timer will always start from zero, also if the control has gone to standby, and the power is removed, once the power has been reinstated the control will stay on standby showing a continuous blue light, to reset the push button switch should used to set the heat and time.

What is the address to return an item.

P.O.Box 166
     CW10 0ZU.

The address given in the instructions is above, however, due to recent increases in Postage charges you may wish to use another carrier other than the Post Office, in that case please send to.

  Unit 7
  Holly House Estate,
  Middlewich Road, 
  CW10 9LT.
This is the same delivery address as the P.O.Box number.
As we have no reception we are unable to accept customers in person at the Cranage site.

Important Instructions when using an Electric Blanket

First of all read and use according to the Manufacturers instruction included with your blanket.

Only use Underblankets and Mattress Covers under you , Overblankets should only be used on top of you.

Do not use with any of the blankets wired area tucked in.

Never use whilst folded or rucked and avoid any permanent creasing.

Do not Dry Clean, where the blankets is suitable Launder (see instructions below ) according to instructions, removing the detachable lead first.

Do not use wet or damp.

Do not insert pins or sharp objects as this may damage the wiring.

Never place additional articles such as pillows or clothes or allow any animal onto the heated area of the blanket when switched on.

Never sit on top of  the bed when the blanket is switched on.

Never use a hot water bottle at the same time as an electric blanket.

Do not place the control below the pillow or sheets, avoid sharp bents to the cable and route under a bed never across the bedding.

Use only the control type provided; all controllers are specific to the blanket it is supplied with.

Regularly check the blanket connector is fully pushed home.

If suitable for use on an adjustable bed ensure that the blanket and chord cannot become trapped or rucked.

Electric Blankets are not suitable for infants or people who are helpless or insensitive to heat. For young children the control must be pre set by a Parent or Guardian, unless the Child has been adequately instructed on how to operate the controls.

NEVER get into bed whilst the blanket is switched to a PRE HEAT setting, if the blanket is designed for All Night use, before getting into bed always turn down to ALL NIGHT setting. The most common reason for premature breakdown of electric blankets is being in bed whilst the blanket is on a pre heat setting, this can cause localised overheating, even after a short period of time.

Regularly check the blanket for damage to the cable and control switch and check the fabric for rucking, ceasing and heat discoloration, should any damage occur, contact or return to the service centre.

Your Electric Blanket should have safety inspection at least every three years.

Laundry Instructions:

As we do not launder electric blankets, a frequently asked question is “How can I launder my Electric Blanket”

Most Electric Blankets with detachable leads can be laundered if you take care.

Please note they CANNOT be Dry Cleaned.

Prior to washing unplug any leads from the blanket and measure so that it can be stretched back to its original size.
For machine washing, load the blanket into the machine taking care that it does not rest on the rubber which surrounds the opening, we suggest either a bath towel or sheet be loaded in front of the blanket, to help prevent the blanket falling forward.
The reason why we suggest this is because we have seen many blankets ruined when they have rubbed against the door rubber, during the spin cycle.

The blanket should be washed on the 30 / 40c Wool programme, do not use extra spin cycle.

If you wish to hand wash the blanket use a mild washing powder in luke warm water and soak for 15 mins. After soaking gently wash the blanket and rinse thoroughly with clean water, allow the water to drain from the blanket by gently squeezing, do not wring.

Drying the blanket outdoors over a line is the ideal way of drying, do not use pegs on the wired area. During the drying process stretch the blanket back to its original size by working from side to side stretching a strip at a time, this may require to be repeated a number of times.

If you hold the blanket up to the light you may be able to inspect the wires to see if any loops have been formed, if so keep stretching the blanket till they have straightened. If your blanket will fit your Tumbler dryer you can use this method following the stretching procedure above.

If your blanket is too big for your own washing machine you can take the blanket to the launderette, washing instructions are the same as home laundry, if using a dryer use the Low setting.

Once laundered and dried we suggest the blanket be left a few days in an airing cupboard or the like so as to ensure it is thoroughly dry before use. Laundering your blanket will find any weakness in the wiring, especially older blankets.
If you have any problems after laundry with the wires or the blanket has not returned to its original size, or if the blanket does not work, give the service centre a ring and they will advise.

Please be advised that laundry will cause any weaknesses in the blankets operating system to show, we cannot accept any liability for damage caused whilst laundering. If you have any doubts about the blankets safety once laundry has been carried out, please contact us.